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We learned so much from Carmen during our training sessions for Henry!! She is patient, knowledgeable and passionate about helping people become better pet owners, which in turn, makes the whole family and pet(s) happier. We have more confidence as Henry’s owners now, then ever before, and love having all the handouts she sent home at our fingertips. THANK YOU!

 Jackie Heronema, & Henry

Way To Behave Review
Way To Behave Review

Carmen really knows how to teach people as well as animals. I can’t thank you enough for making Buster so special to us.

Chris Lamia & Buster

Sure appreciate your energy and unwavering patience with puppy after puppy! You help to lay a foundation for SO many puppies and people to build on! It makes a huge difference in the canine community of our region!

Appreciating you,

Sue Anderson & Siri

Way To Behave Review
Way To Behave Review

If you need a pleasant professional to assist with training, understanding and managing your loving canine friend, Carmen is highly recommended. Her energetic style keeps your pet focused and helps them to learn the boundaries of your lifestyle. Thank you for all you did for us!

Craig and Kathy Logan, & Cooper

Thank you so much for the training notes. They really keep me focused and able to follow a course. The magical pull toys you have suggested worked like magic. I really respect how you are sorting me out with Granite. It is such a terrific help, and now I feel I am getting the help and control I need so badly. Thank you for your time and patience, especially with me.

Anne Marie Ehrentraut & Granite

Way To Behave Review
Way To Behave Review

We were very impressed with Carmen’s ability to identify our dog’s psychological issues & problem behaviors right off the bat. During our training sessions, she listened carefully to our concerns, maintained flexibility, exhibited great patience, and kept us on track toward our overall goals. She provided helpful handouts as well as counseling by phone and email when we needed it, and even came to our home so we could work on territorial aggression. Carmen has the credentials to rehabilitate problem pets, but her ability to explain the facts in a very professional, objective and kind-hearted manner is what really helped us get through the challenges and tough decisions we faced after adopting an aggressive dog.

Mindy and Steve Pascuzzi, & Regis

I worked with Carmen over my dog’s extreme paw-sensitivity issues (around nail trimming). She gave me concrete, down-to-earth advice on how to work with him, as well as providing information about the psychology behind that training. We got written summaries of our sessions and homework to help keep us on-track. After five sessions with Carmen and lots of patience and ongoing work with my pup, he allows me to trim nails gently and safely. If we hadn’t moved out of the area, we’d be working with Carmen in training classes still.

Dr. Louise E. Sivak & Tristan

Way To Behave Review
Way To Behave Review

My dogs had no training and were very dominating. Carmen has taught myself and my dogs over the past couple months, starting with simple commands and then advancing. She is extremely knowledgeable and understands how to work with my dogs, focusing on their specific needs. She has taught myself as much as my dogs in understanding how to communicate better with them and techniques in training. The handouts are especially helpful guidelines in assisting me to train on my own. Her expertise is invaluable. Thank you Carmen! Tova and Osa love you too.

Denise Langford, Tova & Osa

Carmen reminds us of Victoria Stillwell in the TV program “It’s Me or the Dog.” We like training with treats and reinforcing with positive behavior, which is why her methods produce good positive results. She gave us lots of good ideas with our dog and is very patient and loving. It’s all about training us too you know.

Jacki and Bobby Duncan, & Miley

Dog Behavior Training Review

Thanks, Carmen. You are a marvelous trainer. Just sitting with you that first time made my life with Shadow much better. I look forward to working with you soon.

Rachel Marquez & Shadow

I just had a lovely walk with Molly!  She was giving me a lot more attention and eye contact than usual (which I of course rewarded profusely).  We also ran into several other on leash dogs with great success. It’s so gratifying to see this progress. Thank you!

Lisa Rapalus

Carmen is the perfect dog whisperer.  She took our unsociable rescued dog and turned her into a sociable loving dog!

Terri Headley

Way to Behave Review

I really liked Carmen’s style and her consideration for my age and her interest in understanding exactly what my issues are. She is a very good teacher with a wonderful personality. She provided handouts as well which will help me get it right.

 Linda Watkins

Just wanted to say that we are all thrilled with Maggie’s progress!!  Can’t wait for next week! Thank you so much for the articles and detailed insight!  Thank you again, you are awesome!

Anita Jones & Maggie

We love working with you and are so encouraged to be learning new skills. We can certainly see a difference in Sadie already!

As a first-time adopter of a 9-year-old retriever who is a sweetheart but insecure around other dogs, I am utterly grateful for Carmen!  She came to the rescue when I felt completely overwhelmed.  Her positive reinforcement training, her supportive suggestions and her willingness to work around scheduling issues has made this training a wonderful experience.  She coached us through several dog meetings, even in ice and snow!  Our furry new family member has made great progress and is now spending time with canine “cousins” on a regular basis.  Her training and support has been invaluable!

Jessica & Derek Simmons

I just wanted to let you know that Abby is 4 months old and doing great. She never growled again after we worked with you (with the exception of one growl when a 4 year-old girl tried to pick her while she was rolled in her back… can’t blame her)! She actually relaxes and seems to like it when we pick her up now. I really don’t see any aggression in her. Amazing transformation from when she was 10 weeks old! I just wanted to let you know how great she is doing and to say thanks for what you taught us.

Jessica Lee & Abby

Way To Behave Review
Way To Behave Reivew

Carmen is an amazing trainer and resource for dog owners. She gave me the skills to help my dog be less reactive around other pups. Excellent class and well worth the time! I would gladly recommend Carmen to anyone.

Janelle Faber & Kai

You’ve changed my whole philosophy about my  dog and how I work with him, and it’s improved our relationship already. I was about to dump him, but he’s already getting better.

Richard Byrd & Ringo

Lovin’ your approach and helpful techniques with Midnight.

Deb, Earl, Kylee & Midnight

Thank you so much for your insight and knowledge. I already feel more confident and hopeful sage does too.

Robin Klotz & Sage

I thoroughly enjoyed coming to your class, and I loved seeing the improvements in Kricket so far.  I am looking forward to bringing Kricket back for more time and training with you, and until then, we will continue with what we have learned so far. 

 Elena Quintana & Kricket

Carmen is absolutely amazing and her training techniques are fabulous. And most importantly, her training works and is very effective. Carmen is extremely knowledgeable and has a solution to every situation. We were faced with several serious challenges owning two rescue Pit bulls. While the dogs were sweet and loving, both dogs coexisting within the same home almost seemed impossible – it was an extremely stressful situation. We didn’t have the heart to give up on our Pit bulls. We called Carmen, and from day one, we felt help was on the way. We loved and always looked forward to our structured weekly training sessions. Currently our Pit bulls are doing wonderful and we reached our main goal. Yay! It was exciting to see their transformation. Our dogs have learned so much, and more importantly, we are much better dog owners. Our skill level as dogs owners has also come a long way too, and our guidance we provide and communication with our dogs has been a night and day difference.

Sarah & Sam Taylor, Maverick & Rebel

Way To Behave Review

I appreciate your kind words and want to thank you for your patience in teaching me the skills to have Toby is easier for me to handle. I have learned a lot and will continue working with him on everything we worked on. You are an excellent instructor with vast knowledge of dog behavior. Thanks for these handouts.

 Mary Schwary & Toby