An experienced, degreed, board certified behaviorist & trainer. Flexible evening & weekend hours.

Need to teach practical obedience skills at home and in public? Want to stop serious, scary or aggravating behavior problems? Carmen LeBlanc, certified animal behaviorist and trainer, will help your pet become the enjoyable, better behaved, trustworthy companion you want. Evidence-based, fear-free, dog-friendly methods that create eager learners and happy, reliable obedience. 

Behavior therapy – for serious behavior issues

Behavior therapy (AKA behavior rehabilitation or modification) is for problems that go beyond simple training and aren’t resolved by taking an obedience class. Emotion-based problems stemming from aggression, fear and anxiety require comprehensive education and expertise to resolve without harming your pet or owner-pet relationship. Treatment includes obedience training, but behaviorists incorporate specialized techniques to change the underlying emotions that trigger the problem. These techniques resolve the issue humanely at its root, rather than temporarily suppressing its outward symptoms through punishment.

Dogs:  all forms of aggression, mild to severe, toward people (adults and children, family and strangers) and toward other animals. Fear of people, the veterinary clinic, noises, care rides, the crate. Separation anxiety, property destruction, running away, not coming when called, house soiling, urine marking, RJM (rowdy, jumpy, mouthy), rough play, biting and nipping, on-leash aggression or reactivity, handling/grooming sensitivity, compulsive behaviors, mounting and masturbation, predatory chase, excessive barking, geriatric behavior issues.

Cats:  cat fighting, rough play, aggression to family, petting aggression, litter box problems, spraying or urine marking, nocturnal activity, excessive meowing, destructive scratching, separation anxiety, fears and phobias, compulsive disorders, geriatric behavior issues.

Private training


  • Private in-home or online training:  from comprehensive puppy schooling to advanced adult obedience.
  • Skills your dog may need:  house training, chew training, crate training, car training, door manners, polite greetings, down-stay, reliable recalls (come when called), leash manners/heeling, manners with children, manners with cats and other dogs, quiet training, retrieve, leave it, drop it, relax for baths, grooming and medications.
  • Problems you want gone:  house soiling, excessive barking, jumping up, chewing, digging, play biting & mouthing, counter-surfing, garbage raiding, chasing bicyclists, bothering other pets, and more.
  • Fun dog sports:  Rally Obedience, Competition Obedience, Canine Freestyle, Tricks.
  • Behavior & temperament evaluations:  to help you select the best temperament for your new companion, puppy & adults.

Choose which type of private training you prefer

Coaching (for obedience training and behavior problems related to anxiety, fear, reactivity, aggression)

  • We work together to train your dog.
  • I teach you how, coach you through, and you do the daily practice. You will have lots of homework!
  • Ideal for those with time for training and interest in the how-to.

Day Training  (for obedience skills training only)

  • You relax and let the expert train obedience skills for you while you’re at work or otherwise occupied.
  • Midway and at end of program, you learn how to use, reinforce and enjoy the results. You will have homework!
  • Ideal for busy people who want faster results and don’t have the time or patience for initial skill building.

See Your Veterinarian First

Changes in behavior can be caused by underlying medical conditions. After your pet has been evaluated by your veterinarian, we’re here to help you find relief and solutions.