Got pet behavior problems?

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Does your dog need training?

  • Aggressive with family, children, strangers or visitors.
  • Issues with other household pets. Separation anxiety.
  • Possessive of food, bones, toys, favorite resting spots.
  • Fearful of people, the veterinary clinic, grooming, car rides, noises, the whole wide world…
  • Barks, howls or whines excessively.
  • Rowdy, jumpy, mouthy (RJM).
  • On-leash reactivity or aggression.
  • Destructive. Plays rough. House soils.
  • Doesn’t listen. Needs reliable obedience skills like come, leash manners, polite greetings, down-stay, quiet, leave it.

Does your cat need training?

(Yes, cats are trainable too!)

  • Damaging your home with house soiling, urine marking or scratching.
  • Aggressive or playing too rough with you.
  • Harassing or fighting with other household pets.
  • Excessive meowing that wakes you up.
  • Fearful of people, the veterinary clinic, the crate, car rides, nail  trims, grooming, noises…
  • Pestering, destructive, misbehaving to get attention.

See a board certified behaviorist for relief and solutions

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Carmen LeBlanc, MS, ACAAB, CTC

Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
Certified Trainer & Counselor